Episode 149

Note 12: Gatchaman Crowds 12


September 27th, 2021

48 mins 47 secs

Season 6

Your Hosts

About this Episode

How is an episode with all the regular hosts the one where it derails into hentai discussion? Also Gatchaman Crowds is over and everyone has mixed feelings on the climax.

Show Notes

  • The new Fist of the North Star releases are absolutely stellar. Apparently half of my manga by volume these days are big hardcover omnibi from Viz. Thanks, Viz.
  • There is some incredible Gatchaman Crowds hentai out there, as the boys get into. My recommendation is the Rui dommed by "Mistress" X set. Avoid the Spanish crossover one with a chapter of Goku gangbanging angels. So sayeth Sibyl.