Episode 129

Scale 01: Mothra vs Godzilla


March 15th, 2021

54 mins 21 secs

Season 7

Your Hosts

About this Episode

What was intended to be a shorter episode with hosts busy or ill turned into the birthing of an entire new sub-series because Fletcher and Chris a) own a lot of these films and b) love talking about them.

Show Notes:

  • Pink Lady and Jeff was a real production and you can't unlearn that. Read about this absolutely insane story.
  • I sliced it out of the episode because it was too tangential even for this, but there was a whole discussion of VHS-based classic rental stores and a famous San Diego establishment that died twice, Kensington Video. RIP to a real one.
  • In case my Animorphs joke went over your head because it wasn't an Animorphs joke, have an explanation.